Seriously I’m dying! 

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General Relativity in 8 gifs

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Relatively awesome.

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Tumblr has achievements now?

Wtf? Is this Xbox live now or something? TAKE IT BACK!


Kit Harington


Kit Harington


Kit Harington


Kit Harington




Kit Harington ladies and gentlemen.


Kit Harington ladies and gentlemen.


Instead of me having to explain why I don’t like rape jokes, how about you explain why you find them funny.

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There’s a difference between complimenting someone and sexually harassing someone.

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Don’t ask me to ever respect or tolerate religion. And by religion, I mean Christianity.


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Don’t ask me to ever respect or tolerate religion. And by religion, I mean Christianity.

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Um. So I’m probably one of the few folks who doesn’t think this is adorable. At all.

I think it’s fucking scary how this little boy keep pushing himself on her after she CLEARLY doesn’t want to be bothered with his ass.

And the adult behind the camera doesn’t intervene at all because it’s ‘cute.’

And how analogous it is to when grown ass men don’t take fucking no for an answer, no matter how much we push and shove and say no.

This is not cute. This is an absolute disregard of this little girl’s boundaries.

In the very bottom left gif you can see he’s smiling/laughing. Like this is some kind of game.

I would bet money that the person filming this is laughing and encouraging him.

This is how we teach boys not to respect women’s spaces.


Yes, ALL OF THIS COMMENTARY. It’s so hard to believe how we encourage this disgusting behavior in babies now. What. The. Fuck.

Men and women are socialised from BIRTH. Men develop these habits from BIRTH and they are reinforced year after year after year until they reach adulthood.

It also teaches that little girl that adults will not ever come to her aid or defense, that she cannot trust grown-ups to care about or respect her boundaries, that she’s all alone in this and can only rely on herself.  That’s some fucked up shit right there.

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fucking rich white people laughing at how poverty is some diet they should try.

FUCK this shit

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If today has been rough for you - for whatever reason, no matter what you’re going through, just know people care about you. I appreciate you, I adore you, and I know you’ve got huge things ahead of you in life.


Yes. We care about you, we appreciate you, we adore you, and we know you have a bright future.


Feminism is having a wardrobe malfunction.

Does your brand of feminism remove barriers for women, or simply move them around? Does is expand options for women, or does it just shift them? You don’t liberate women by forcing them to choose option B instead of option A. What is comfortable for you might not be comfortable for someone else, and it’s entirely possible that what you see as oppressive, other women find comfortable or even downright liberating.

Before you think the girl in the middle is a strawman, let me tell you I used to be her, back in my misguided youth. I considered myself the standard to which other people should adhere. But that was stupid. It’s not up to me to tell people how to dress, and it’s much nicer to let everyone choose for themselves.

Some women would feel naked without a veil. Some women would find it restrictive. Some women would feel restricted by a bra. Some women would feel naked without one. Some women would feel restricted by a tight corset. Others love them. Some wear lots of clothes with a corset. Some only wear the corset and nothing else. What makes any article of clothing oppressive is someone forcing you to wear it. And it’s just as oppressive to force someone not to wear something that they want to wear.

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